Trust Merger Consultation


Impact Multi Academy Trust ran a consultation on the proposal to merge with the Langley Park Learning Trust from Friday 17th September to Friday 15th October 2021.

As part of this consultation, our schools wrote to all parents/carers to bring the proposal to their attention. We also wrote to local elected representatives, other local schools and our local authority. Finally we held a consultation meeting with our staff and their union representatives.

Impact Multi Academy Trust received 7 responses, of which two were joint responses to Langley Park Learning Trust and Impact Multi Academy Trust. A small number of staff and a union representative attended the consultation meeting.

The responses received were largely supportive of the proposed merger. The main issue raised was whether this proposal would lead to the creation of new feeder schools. This is definitely not the intention of either Trust, and we have confirmed this with individual respondents to the consultation.

In response to questions raised, both Trusts have confirmed a commitment to:

As part of the process regarding the potential merger, our proposal has received an ‘in principle’ agreement from the Department for Education’s Regional Schools Commissioner.

We will continue to work with the Langley Park Learning Trust on exploring next steps, including the due diligence process. We remain committed to ensuring that our plans for the future of our Trusts will improve the standard of education for children.

01.12.21 Additional Information on Proposed Merger