RWS Admissions Consultation

Ravens Wood School - Part of the Impact Multi Academy Trust

Proposed Changes to Admissions Arrangements for 2021-22 Entry

The Impact Multi Academy Trust consultation on admissions took place from 8th December 2019 to 10th January 2020, and is now complete.

The Directors have thanked and responded to any persons who engaged in the consultation. The Directors have determined to go ahead with the planned changes to the policy ’to reduce the Pupil Admission Number from 240—224 for Year 7 entry in 2021-22’.

Reducing the Ravens Wood School PAN in a measured and strategic manner will ensure that the School’s vision of delivering ‘excellence, everywhere’ continues to be met. The spatial restrictions of the school site support a future PAN of 224, easing a number of practical requirements which currently restrict the school’s timetable from the flexibility required to develop its ambitious curriculum even further.

The determined policy can be viewed at the Policy Section of the School’s Website.