A Welcome from our Chair of Directors

I am delighted and proud to welcome you to the Impact Multi Academy Trust website. As a trust, we currently comprise two large, highly successful and oversubscribed secondary schools – Ravens Wood School and Hayes School. When our separate trusts merged in 2017, it brought together likeminded school leaders and staff who together were committed to providing the highest standards in education.

Our vision is centred on having uncompromising aspirations for our students and for our staff, based on equality of access, on a celebration of difference and a strong commitment to working to address inequalities linked to race, gender, disability and social and economic disadvantage. Our schools celebrate success inside and outside of school, and we work hard to prepare our young women and men to go on to become successful and happy young people and adults, who are prepared for a successful future in the 21st century.

The Impact Multi Academy Trust has a strong commitment to continue improving outcomes for students in our local area and is interested in further developing existing partnerships with local schools, including primaries, and other trusts. Our ambition is to become a cross-phased community trust.

I hope that you enjoy exploring out website and finding out more about our Multi-Academy Trust and the vision we have for our schools.

Kieran Osborne

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Kieran Osborne GreyBkGround

A Welcome From our Chief Executive

We are pleased to confirm that the Impact Multi Academy Trust of Ravens Wood and Hayes Schools officially came into existence on April 1st 2017. It is our privilege to be the Chief Executive Officers of the Trust.

It is rare to see two high performing schools come together in the interests of providing better and more sustainable education and care for all of the children in their schools and community but we believe this is what the Impact Trust is. Both schools are high performing and popular schools serving the same community. They are also driven by a commitment to improving their schools even further so as to deliver the very best education, care and life chances for all children. We believe together the schools will be able to move faster and further towards delivering this mission. We are driven by educational and moral purpose as well as enlightened self-interest. We want Hayes and Ravens Wood to retain their identities and compete, but also to collaborate to provide an outstanding educational experience that impacts on the life chances of all students. This is reflected in our vision, mission and values.

We know we are operating in a challenging educational climate and that austerity is only now seriously beginning to have its impact on our capacity to deliver the quality of education and care we are committed to. However, together we will be better able to deliver and achieve more for all of our students.

We want to establish a real community Trust and not only have staff and students working together but parents and carers and other members of the community. Along with the Board of Directors we are charged with ensuring the Trust delivers on these goals.

Sally Spence & Steve Whittle




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